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My aesthetics began early..


If I wasn’t avidly thumbing through old clothes catalogues, making mental lists of inspiring outfits, I would be busily decorating my dolls house!!


Originally from Sussex, I am a trained and qualified Visual Merchandiser, 3D Prop Maker and freelance Hairdresser. I work alongside women to help them find their unique style. My consultations are based on personality, lifestyle, and body shape. I carry a strong passion for colour and textiles, always aiming for an interesting twist to each look.I enjoy seeking out notable and distinctive accessories, maintaining a striking look to an otherwise plain outfit. I choose to keep an eye on seasonal trends, but, don’t adhere to full on fashion.


Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to style alongside some very inspiring people, Margaret Howell, Kelly Hoppen, Georgina Von Etzdoff, these designers have been a great inspiration to me. From The Liberty Store London, to Glyndebourne Opera House Props Department, I have always aimed high within my chosen creative field.


I am now based back in East Sussex working as a freelance Stylist, pulling all of my knowledge together, and specialising in creative hair cutting/hair up and clothing for the middle aged woman, whatever her lifestyle.

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