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"I really appreciate Angela's Mobile Hairdressing service which I have reliably used since 2015 for myself, and two secondary age children who are not at an easy stage to please, but always like the cut she does for them - praise indeed.


Her approach to styling is considered and insightful as to what will suit, with decisions reached in a relaxing manner.  I have found the quality of her cut outstanding.  Not only does it look lovely on the day but is also sustained for a long time after the appointment - so much so that even weeks later people are still complementing me on my 'new' haircut.  This being something as a woman of a 'certain age' I love!  I have full confidence in recommending Angela's skill and abilities as a hairdresser, which she will bring into your home with her calm and thoughtful personality."





I had an initial consultation with Angela, before we went shopping, this was so that she could get an idea of my body shape, colouring, and to hear about my lifestyle, my needs and existing likes and dislikes regarding my wardrobe. She then suggested a really focussed approach; and we visited just 4 pre-chosen shops in the city.  What I found when we met up for the couple of hours was just how relaxed and confident I felt around her and how calmly and yet assuredly she went about choosing things for me to try.  Some items were not the sort of clothing I would usually go for, BUT they really worked.  I loved the quality of the cloth and the construction of the items - they were all mostly natural fibres, wool cotton and mohair, which I loved, and therefore very much not throwaway garments as they were made to last.  I am a post menopausal woman and these new clothes were an exciting new style for me, without being high fashion that would end up looking ridiculous after a season, and they were not screaming out 'this women is trying too hard'  With her guidance and discussions during these hours, around colours, shapes and so forth I now feel far more relaxed and able to put together items to make up outfits for various occasions, without stressing about it or getting lost in the process - it all seems to flow better.  All in all it was a really enjoyable experience and she has taught me so much. I'm going to see Angela again with a summer wardrobe shop and edit - I'm really looking forward to it.